2 = initial, original, up-front [up front], founding.
Ex. Further, no guidance can be expected on alternative terms that are related to the searcher's initial search term.
Ex. Here entry is made under the original author of an edition that has been revised, enlarged, updated, condensed, and so on by another person.
Ex. This article presents useful low cost options for on-line data base searching that allow even small libraries to offer searching without large up-front costs or ongoing investment.
Ex. The founding missions have being found increasingly ill-suited for the demands of the marketplace.
* alineación inicial = starting line-up.
* comentario inicial = opening remark.
* cotización inicial = starting price.
* espacio en blanco inicial = beginning blank.
* jugador inicial = starting player.
* observación inicial = opening remark.
* posición inicial = starting position.
* precio inicial = starting price.
* problema inicial = startup problem.
* salario inicial = starting salary.
* término inicial = lead-in term, leading term.
* termino inicial de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead term, main heading.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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